“The Premier Global Site Contracting and Payments Service”

Experience Counts

Our global team has experience in drafting, negotiating and paying upon quality investigator agreements in over 60 countries. The aggregate knowledge of our team also gives us a deep understanding of global contract cycle times and each country’s regulatory impact on study startup. This enables Clintrax to help our customers accurately plan for the contracting timeline’s influence on Site Initiation Visits. Our team’s combined wealth of experience translates into faster and more reliable negotiations for our customers, allowing you to plan for and complete site startup on time, every time.

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State of the Art Technology

Clintrax utilizes Acorn Applications LLC’s Trial CTA, an advanced cloud-based tracking system that allows sponsors read-only access to monitor the status of contract negotiation in real-time. This transparency allows our customers the ability to ascertain where any contract is in its life cycle at any time. Also, TrialCTA's sophisticated rules engine and robust notification system ensures nothing "falls through the cracks". Finally, the report writing customization features allow us to instantly develop reports to meet your business and clinical needs.