As a one-of-a-kind organization, WCG Clintrax’s sole purpose is to strategically navigate our sponsor clients and CRO partners through the generation and negotiation of site contracts and investigator budgets.

When you engage with WCG Clintrax, we build a team dedicated to your specific study. We become an extension of your team to whatever extent you need us to help maneuver your study through the processes so you can focus on what’s most important to you – your patients and your trial.

The Power of WCG Clintrax

Why WCG Clintrax?

With WCG Clintrax’s team in place, we help you get to first-patient, first-visit sooner while maintaining the highest quality and minimizing risk.

  • Faster site contract execution timelines leading to decreased cycle times
  • Control over the legal terms and conditions yielding high quality site agreements
  • Greater transparency into the status of contract and budget negotiations
  • Decreased client expenses
  • More accurate budget planning – from the beginning


The WCG Clintrax Global team specializes in the management of contract negotiations between biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, and investigator sites around the world.

Expedite your site contract negotiations and reduce internal burden.

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WCG Clintrax’s tenured experience coupled with in-country knowledge allows for budget development services that promote efficient negotiations and reduce cycle times.

Create accurate pricing forecasts and mitigate compliance risks.

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WCG Clintrax Global offers a variety of short and long-term resourcing services to help our clients meet their goals for accelerated study start-up.

Ensure a cost-effective and timely delivery of negotiations.

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WCG Clintrax can save you in start up

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