Customizable Tracking and Reporting

Clintrax Global, Inc has a robust and proven investigator contracting organization composed of a global team that has years of experience negotiating with sites ranging from small clinics to large, multicenter academic institutions. The processes implemented and the tenured knowledge of the team enables Clintrax to offer this service that is second to none in the industry.

In producing a superior contract negotiation service offerings, the Clintrax team serves to decrease cycle time in addition to reducing the burden on a client’s internal legal and clinical processes. Holding ourselves to these standards has helped drive our unique model that sets Clintrax apart from traditional pharma contracting conventions. We have broken each CTA down into functionally separate components, allowing us to negotiate the legal language of each contract with licensed attorneys while negotiating budgets with clinically trained associates. Specializing the negotiation expedites time to full execution, and unlike conventional models, Clintrax will be able to more adequately represent our client’s legal and budgetary positions, reducing the time spent unnecessarily forwarding site positions on to our clients.

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Our team possesses a robust library of country specific templates that are designed to combine ease of negotiation with protecting the legal interests of our customers and sites. Where appropriate, our templates are translated and in dual column for review. In addition to containing references to country specific laws and structured to accommodate local customs, our templates contemplate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery Act. We can also provide detailed back-up provisions for our templates that can be modified to suit the needs of our customers.

Some of our customers may prefer to use their own templates. In these cases and before we begin negotiation, our experienced attorneys can review your templates to help determine if there are any provisions that will delay negotiation in any country or at any site.