• Clintrax Global offers a variety of global contract negotiation resource placement for short and long term commitments. We have the ability to embed a dedicated person or full team for a client’s use quickly and efficiently. Our global experts are skilled in contract and budget negotiation, template language development, and budget escalation and development. Additionally, we offer the placement of a highly experienced clinical trial attorney who can serve as the legal escalation point for internal and external team members for global contract negotiation, including template development.

    Our “placed” team members have access to the full knowledge base of the entire Clintrax team, including our legal counsel, contract and budget specialists, and payments team as referral resources. Our resources can serve as an enhancement to your current staff’s abilities, or the embedded staff can serve as your sole team on a long or short term basis. This cost effective method ensures timely delivery of negotiations while allowing a sponsor’s internal resources to remain focused on other tasks.