By integrating contract negotiations with budget development and payments/reporting, Clintrax creates greater efficiency and shortened time to start-up for clients around the world.

WCG Clintrax’s suite of services is unmatched in the industry. By coupling attorneys and technology, we help Biopharmaceuticals move to trial start-up quicker and more efficiently, while increasing transparency and accuracy of payments and reporting along the way.

By integrating contract/budget negotiations, our payments staff has, at their fingertips, access to the team who negotiated these terms in the event that they should need interpretation assistance.

Additionally, our contract management system and payments systems are inter-related such that the executed contracts are automatically uploaded to the system where the payments team will be able to gain access and begin site payments.

With our proprietary
cloud based software,
WCG Clintrax delivers transparency at both macro and granular levels.

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