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Site Payments & Reporting

In a time of increased scrutiny, WCG Clintrax offers a proactive solution in managing financial compliance with accuracy, timeliness, and transparency

Throughout the course of a clinical study, investigator payments are an essential part of the clinical trial lifecycle. As drug and medical device manufacturers are burdened with increasingly complex regulations and reporting, WCG Clintrax’s blend of experienced global payments oversight and leading-edge tracking technology reduces errors often found in traditional clinical research payment practices while maintaining full transparency and compliance with State and Federal legislation.

WCG Clintrax utilizes proprietary cloud-based tracking systems that allow sponsors read-only access to monitor the status of contract negotiation in real-time. This transparency allows our customers the ability to ascertain where any contract is in its life cycle at any time. Also, TrialCTA’s sophisticated rules engine and robust notification system ensures nothing “falls through the cracks.”

Our global footprint and in-country knowledge is what sets us apart in all aspects of what we do.

WCG Clintrax has combined expert local knowledge of each country’s customs, legal, and regulatory environments with innovative tracking technology and verification processes to create a dependable payments service for both current and prospective clients. We are able to leverage our depth of experience with clinical trial budgets and payment terms to tailor our payment processes to a country’s specific requirements.

As a complete system, our ability to develop globally compliant fair market value budgets, negotiate legal contracts with the best local expertise, and administer accurate and timely site payments with strategic reporting is world class.

  • Our payments software meets the demands for global compliance by reporting at the Investigator and Site levels
  • Clearly discloses the relationship between industry and healthcare professionals including cumulative amount paid for service fees, expense reimbursement, meals, and gifts.
  • Provides a strategic suite of Aggregate Spend Reporting to
    • Identify cost reduction opportunities;
    • Promote efficiency in resourcing; and
    • Measure effectiveness in strategy to optimize business

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