Navigation Through Fair Market Value Ambiguity

Determining Fair Market Value (FMV) benchmarks are a vital factor to global compliance with increasing emphasis on regulations including the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, the Loi Bertrand, and the EFPIA Disclosure Code.


Five Essential Considerations for Efficient Site Contracts and Payments

There are many challenges involved in executing global CTAs and, in turn, performing investigator payments in clinical research, but a number of these challenges can be averted with proper planning and execution in the budget development stage.


Innovation in Investigator Site Contracting

Investigator site contracting and management of site payments are often overlooked as opportunities to accelerate study start-up and to reduce the expense and complications of managing study site contractual relationships. However, by targeting this smaller, yet still significant, aspect of study start-up, sponsors and CROs can expedite the process of contract negotiation, reducing both the cycle time and burden on the legal infrastructure.


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